The Tips that You Need to Be a Professional Make-Up Artist

How to Become a Professional Make-Up Artist

If you are a hair and make-up artist, you are going to want to be sure that you properly prepare yourself for each day. You will also want to constantly continue practicing new techniques that should give you good results in allowing you to satisfy your clients. It is important to constantly improve and put your skills and techniques to practice.

Below we will discuss some key tips that you can utilise in order to become a better make up artist.

1. Spend Money on Your Tools

The first thing that you have to do is to be sure that your tools are the best possible ones available. The tools and products that you have and use are actually equally as important as the make-up skills that you posses.

For example, if you happen to have poor quality brushes and average skills, you are going to get poor results. You can actually produce good results by simply getting higher quality brushes without even having to improve your technique. Therefore, if you really want to learn how to apply makeup or do hair like a professional, you are going to need to buy professional tools and products.

Some of the key brushes that you should have in your makeup repertoire are: foundation brush, concealer brush, fluffy powder brush, blush brushes, blending brushes, flat eye shadow brush, lip brushes, and precision angle brushes.

2. Learn How To Use Them

Having tools is not enough. You also need to learn how to effectively use them. The tools are not just going to magically teach you how to apply makeup. In order to effectively learn how to use them, you will need to both study and practice.

3. Attend Beauty School

The fact is, the best way to learn about how to be the best hair and make-up artist that you can be is to go to school. There is a ton of beauty schools to check out.

You will want to select a school that has an excellent reputation, and one that is going to teach you more than hair and make up. For instance, if you plan on starting your own business, you might want to find a school or curriculum that includes this in it.

4. Conceal Flaws

In order to be a great make up artist, you will need to learn how to conceal flaws. This is the number one thing that you need to be able to do effectively to get satisfied clients.

Opposite colours are going to cancel each other out. Therefore, a green-coloured concealer is actually going to be able to cover redness. Whereas, a orange-coloured concealer will cancel out blue. If you try to use beige concealer, it will only end up making the areas of your face look muddy.

It is important to practice on different people because everyone has a different skin tone. In order to effectively be able to conceal different skin tone imperfections, you will need to know which type and colour of concealer to use in any given situation.

5. How to Fix Face Shapes

A lot of people simply do not like the shape of their faces. Because of this, it is important to learn how to effectively fix the shape of someone’s face through hair and make-up.

The best way to do this is through the practice of contouring. Contouring is the art of highlighting and shading. Anything that is coloured/shaded lighter than the skin tone is going to look more prominent than the other areas.

If you have a round shaped face and you want it to look more oval, you will want to apply bronzer that is darker than your actual skin tone in a “3″ shape alongside the edge of your face.

Follow the above tips and you should be on your way to becoming a successful hair and make-up artist.

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