What’s The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

What’s The Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?We all have our favourite hairstyles. But let’s face it, not all of us can get away with them. What might look stunning on a celebrity, actress or even a best friend simply won’t work for us, no matter how well we treat our hair. But why is this? Actually, it boils down to the shape of our faces.

For image and style, we have to look at ourselves before we can decide what the best look is. In each face shape category,  short, medium length or long hairstyles can suit you perfectly. But, you should consider the type of cut.

Here at Harpier, we have helped hundreds of clients to:

  • Choose the right hairstyle;
  • Discuss options that work best with their face.

So, what are the styles that work with each face shape? We’ve put together a shortlist for each of the 5 face shape categories.

Hairstyles for Your Face Type

Round Face

The Short Option – Warm and welcoming, a round face can be described as the cutest. That’s why short and very hair  is the best choice for this face shape. A bob never works, as it can stress a short jaw line, but:

  • A tight pixie-type hairstyle with a sweeping fringe can be extremely impressive.
  • Carefully clipped and volumized upwards can be ideal too, and can lengthen your face.

The Medium-Length Option – cut longer than the normal bob, a cut stretching down to the collar-bone can slim a round face by visually drawing the jawline downward.  Perfect for straight hair:

    • A central parting gives a lengthening effect;
    • Some gentle, loose curls can break up the chin area.

The Long Option – again, the issues are the jawline and chin area. You might think long hair would shorten both of these, highlighting face roundness, but:

    • Some gentle, loose curls succeed in lengthening the chin and jaw.
    • Adding volume to those curls’ ends takes the eye away from the face, too.

Heart Face

The Short Option – with a heart-shape the issue is the chin’s narrowness against a broad forehead, so the best hairstyles should either:

  • Successfully break up this contrast;
  • Or even hide it.

Again, the very short cut can achieve this perfectly. Tightly-cut sides with a generously volumized tousled top succeeds in lengthening the face and breaking up the forehead.

The Medium-Length Option – a soft, collarbone-length cut works perfectly with a heart-shaped face. But additional layers make it work even better.  Perfect for straight hair with gentle loose curls, this:

  • Takes the eye away from the chin;
  • Narrows the forehead area;
  • Adds greater balance to the face.

The Long Option – full bangs are amongst the hairstyle best choices if you have long hair.  While it may only shorten the face with alternative styles above, long flowing strands act as a perfect counter balance. It means:

  • The forehead can be covered;
  • Bangs can offset the narrow jaw well.

However, additional long curls and tapered layers as perfectly straight ‘motionless’ hair can look very strict.

Oval Face

The Short Option –almost every style works well with an oval face, so the options are pretty wide. Not everyone can get away with the angular bob, but it complements an oval face perfectly. An oval face can be dominated by a wrong hairstyle, but the sharp angle of the cut draws the eyes downward:

  • Sharpening the chin;
  • Adding greater emphasis on the gently curving facial features.

A side parting can add a little lift on top. If you have naturally curly hair, stretch the cut a little lower to avoid looking puffy.

The Medium-Length Option – strands of straight hair, stretching down to the collarbone or just below with loose curled ends work very well here. Similarly, natural curls can be accommodated perfectly, but give them extra length.

The Long Option – your long hair seems specially created to fit your oval face, whether:

  • Flat and straight;
  • With long, meandering loose waves;
  • With denser natural curls.

Some strategic layering will liven up your look.

Long Face

The Short Option – long faces are basically quite narrow, so it’s a good idea to avoid straight flat hair. With this in mind, it’s best not to have hair cut too short, but:

  • Long enough to facilitate playful curls and plenty of volume;
  • Cut to a chin-length bob or even the long-bob (technically considered a medium-length option).

The Medium-Length Option – arguably the most complementary hairstyle is the shoulder-length (medium-length) cut. Add some defined but varied layers, which deepen the look and avoids a face-lengthening effect. Don’t get too intent on control, as some loose strands:

    • Give a playful style.
    • Also contribute to that deep, healthy appearance.

The Long Option – we mentioned how flat strands can be counterproductive, lengthening an already long visage. But long hair can work if you volumize and add generous curls and waves.  Wide sweeping bangs to either side:

  • Adds a more textured appearance;
  • Draws attention to the hair and away from the face.

Square Face

The Short Option – people with square faces can fret over their looks, but there are plenty of options to consider. Arguably, the best short hairstyle for you is the good old- fashioned layered bob with side-sweeping bangs. The idea is to:

  • Bring the eye away from the chin and jaw;
  • Emphasize a more pronounced cheekbone.

This choice looks best with flat strands, so avoid it if you have natural curls.

The Medium-Length Option – again, the shoulder-length cut works perfectly here. But light, feathery layers are cut to:

  • Lighten the load;
  • Add a playfulness that contrasts a strict, strong jawbone.

A side-parting with sweeping bangs helps, too.

The Long Option – long, but not that long. This works best when:

  • The cut falls just below the collarbone;
  • With generous waves, add a real textured look.

Balanced perfectly with long, cheekbone-length bangs, the hairstyle’s playfulness draws attention away from a harsh, strong jawbone.

Let Harpier Help

If you’re unsure about which style suits you best, then we can help you. Our team of experts is well-versed in styles and cuts. But more importantly, we’ll discuss the best options before you make a decision. To learn more about our wedding makeup services, check out our Harpier website and contact us by email or phone.

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