Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup Options for the Beautiful Bride

It can be difficult to settle on the right styles of bridal hair design and makeup options. This guide will help you to focus on what is important to you and let the rest go.



Start by watching a few videos on hairstyle trends for weddings. Your hairstyle should be a reflection of you and not just something unnatural that you’ve thrown together for the day.

Are you a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl? Then let your style reflect your carefree outlook. Are you more formal minded? Then focus on that sort of style.

Once you have seen a few short video clips of a style or two that you like try them out and see how they look on you. It may take a bit of trial and error but you’ll find your perfect look. Now perfect it by trying it every few days until you can do it in your sleep.

If your wedding is themed you still should practice your preferred hairstyle a bit before the wedding day. Avoid anything that will be in your eyes or distracting to you during the ceremony. You’ll want something that is pretty, elegant and as carefree as possible.


Makeup Options

You have several makeup options for your big day. If you’re having a themed wedding you can focus on a specific theme. If you’re not having a themed wedding choose a makeup style that compliments your hair, dress and style.

Focus on your favourite features and don’t obsess about trying to hide flaws. Often when you try to hide a flaw you wind up making it appear more noticeable. By focusing on your favourite features and highlighting them you naturally draw attention away from flaws.

Keep in mind that the camera may reflect lighting differently. Ask a photographer how to avoid any areas on your face, neck or shoulders that would reflect light wrong and what to do about it in your makeup. A makeup artist can also help with this question. You want your wedding day to be picture perfect so pay attention to this detail.



Opt for waterproof eye makeup in lieu of anything else. It’s natural to tear up during the ceremony or a dance with your dad. You won’t want any streaks of makeup ruining your look or requiring touching up throughout your big day. Waterproof mascara, eye liner and eye shadow are important for this day in your life.



Your lips should show when you smile, but you don’t want them to be the only feature on your face that shows so avoid anything that is too bright. Instead, focus on the fact that your lips will be busy smiling and kissing friends on the cheek all day long. Not to mention sipping plenty of water and perhaps a glass of champagne. Keep a tube of your favourite lip care product on hand to reapply as needed.



Before your big day, be sure you try out your hairstyle and makeup several times. It will be much smoother on your wedding day if you’ve already gotten used to applying your makeup and doing your hair in this fashion. You’ll get the timing down more easily and you won’t be worried about any unexpected glitches in your hair or makeup.

Now that you know what you’re going to do with your hair and makeup, you can rest assure that you’ll be a stunning and beautiful bride on your wedding day.

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