Tips for Finding a Great Hairstylist in Gold Coast

You probably know how it goes; you find a great hairstylist that gives you the haircut of your dreams and the next time you wish to make an appointment, the stylist either relocated or went out of business.

These things can be very frustrating. After all, you don”t want to trust your hair to just anyone. This is even more so for the ladies. However, what if you are getting married and you need a specialist Gold Coast hairstylist to take care of you during this very special day?

In cases like this, it is all the more important to find a hairstylist you can trust. But how exactly do you go about doing that?

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The number one way to find a great hairstylist is to ask you friends or family. This is called word-of-mouth and is one of the most effective ways for hairdressers to find new clients. But don”t ask just anyone.

As a general rule of thumb you should only ask people that have a great hairstyle you like.

That seems rather obvious, but many people overlook this simple fact. By doing that, you have a much greater chance of finding a hairdresser that suits your own style.

Another important point to remember is to ask only those people that you genuinely trust. Of course, you might think that everyone trusts their own family. But perhaps you have an aunt that is saying something positive about anyone and everyone. In that case you can”t really trust their opinion all the time, can you?

If asking friends or family did not yield any positive results, there are still a few other ways in which you can find a hairstylist that makes you feel good about yourself, especially on a special occasion such as your wedding day.

Another thing you can do to find a good hairstylist is to simply Google it. Look for salons that specialize in wedding hairstyles.

An advantage to this is that most of these salons also offer the possibility to do your make-up, so you only have to visit one salon. Especially on your wedding day this is a good thing. You don”t want to stress yourself by going from one place to another.

Once you found a few hairstylists that specialize in weddings, look them up on Facebook or Twitter. This is a great way to see what other people have to say about them.

If the hairstylist is serious about her business, she will also take good care of these pages. This means that she will post frequently and maybe even The marketplace is your best choice for if you qualify for cost assistance. shows off her creations. That way you will instantly get a good idea of the quality of work.

Pinterest might also be worth taking a look at if they have a page there, as it is all about sharing pictures and images.

If the salon does not have any social media presence, you should Google their name plus review. A lot of sites with reviews of this business will show up. If you can find them on Yellowpages, it might also be worth a look, as this site especially usually contains many reviews. If they have many raving reviews, you know you are golden.

Last but not least, if reviews only mean so much to you, you could visit several different salons in your neighbourhood to see how they work for yourself. This might give you the confidence to try them at least once.

One thing to remember is that if you are looking for a Hairstylist Gold Coast for your wedding day, it might be worth to visit them once before making an appointment with them on your special day. After all, on this day you want everything to be perfect, so it is a good idea to test them out before you commit to something.

If you are in the neighbourhood, we invite you to come and visit our salon. Here at Harpier we have your best interest at heart. We specialize in bridal hair and make-up and will take good care of you. On our website you can have a look at our portfolio. We are looking forward to make you look your best!

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