Tips and Advice for Stunning Wedding Makeup

Bridal makeup trends can vary from season to season. There are many new trends every year so it”s important to pay attention to the latest trends.



No matter what trend a bride chooses to follow, waterproof makeup is a must. There may be tears and lots of hugs and you won”t want your makeup to smear or run down your face. Start with waterproof foundation and follow up with some waterproof eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

This will help to eliminate those trails that can run down the face from tears streaking the makeup. Choosing a waterproof base or foundation will help to avoid smudges and obvious areas where there isn”t any makeup applied.


Theatrical Makeup

Many brides choose to use a theatrical style makeup for their appearance at the wedding. The reason for this is so that they will show up in the photographs. Some cosmetics can reflect the light back into the camera when pictures are taken and make the person appear as if they have blotches of powder or makeup that is uneven. This is all a trick of the lighting so it”s important to take this into account when applying makeup.


Makeup Artist

Some brides prefer to hire a makeup artist for the big day. A makeup artist is familiar with how the camera can change and alter an appearance. By using a makeup artist the bride is reassured that her look on camera will be perfect. You no longer have to worry about powdery or white areas on your face, neck or shoulders.


Try Before Your Big Day

Never wait until the big day to try on a new makeup trend or brand. This is not the day to find out that you”re allergic to the makeup that you”re going to use. You could break out and have a rash all over your face, neck and shoulders if you do this. Avoid this potential hazard and try your selected makeup at least two weeks prior to the big day. If you have a reaction you”ll have plenty of time to recover from it before your wedding.



The purpose of makeup is to highlight and enhance your good features, not to hide flaws. The more you try to hide flaws, the more likely they are to show up. If you have gorgeous eyes for example, highlight your eyes and draw attention away from your nose, or your too full or too narrow lips.

By learning to enhance your better features your other features will fade to the background.

The best way to learn highlighting is trial and error. Use brighter and more enhancing colours on the area you”re trying to highlight. Learn how to shade and create the illusion by practicing time and again on your favourite or best features.



If you normally don”t wear lipstick, today is not the day to put it on. Stick with something you often wear and have a tube sequestered away to use frequently. You”ll be doing a lot of talking, kissing and sipping some liquids so you may need to reapply your lip care frequently. If you do wear lipstick, then keep a tube on hand to reapply often as well.

Preparing for your wedding should be a fun and exciting time of your life. Use the best makeup you can afford and practice with it for a few weeks before your big wedding day. Remember that the camera flash can reflect off of anything so consider backgrounds as well as your makeup before you start out. Avoid anything that would overshadow your makeup.

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