Stunning Wedding Makeup Ideas for December

Stunning Wedding Makeup Ideas for December

Your wedding day may be the most significant day of your life.  As you prepare for it, flick through options for dresses and flowers.  Remember to check out wedding makeup ideas too. A wedding day in December is distinct from any Australian summer event.

Most options are dictated by your skin tone. For the perfect wedding makeup, it’s best to consult an expert. At Harpier, we’ve been providing brides with makeup advice, to make them glow on their special day.

To find out what works best for you, check us out at Harpier. Until then, here are some wedding makeup pointers we’d like to share with you.

Fair Skin Tones

With fair skin, your ideal wedding makeup may depend on your hair and eye colour. There’s a fresh crispness with blonde hair and light eyes, while chestnut hair and eyes exude sultriness. Keep these in mind, when you look into wedding makeup ideas.

  • Fresh ‘n Crisp – Pale skin has a delicate, fresh beauty. The right wedding makeup should add colour, with bright rosy and soft pink lips. Both have a stunning effect. Soft copper tones bring out the eyes, though violet, lilac and lavender can work too. Apricot or pale pink do wonders on the cheeks.
  • The Dreamy Look – A soft, sultry wedding makeup can be mesmerizing. Brown and green, Eyes are brightened up with navy and plum eye shadow, while cheeks come to life with a hint of light-reflecting pink blush. For your lips, keep the shade light and shimmering with peach or beige.

Asian Skin Tones

Wedding make-up ideas for Asian skin tones are varied. Most experts suggest it has a natural delicacy. Generally, yellow-based foundation is the best one to use.  Test first to find out.

  • The Classic Look – The classic wedding makeup is warm beige eye shadow, soft pink cheeks and a cherry red lipstick. These colours bring out your natural beauty. Consider using lavender eye shadow, with a soft pink shade on the lips.
  • The Dramatic Look – Make a strong statement when walking down the aisle. For a powerful look, opt for smoky eyes with dark greys. Complement it with an ultra-pale lip colour and a little gloss for effect.

Dark Skin Tones

For brides with dark skin, there is no shortage of wedding makeup ideas. Some of the popular options are suitable for you. Selecting the right foundation or shade is a little tricky.

  • Foundation – The most important part of your face is having the right shade of foundation for your skin tone, along with the right products to suit your skin type.
  • The Lips – For your lips, the best wedding make-up ideas for dark skin, is a neutral or soft lip colour, like warm pink. A loud, bright red can be distracting when the skin tone is deep dark.


  • Eye shadow – A difficult area to address, but eyes can smoulder with dark, smoky shades. Copper, burgundy and purple work very well on dark skin. Metallic colours, like gold and bronze, can add glamour, too.


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