Selecting the Best Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

You might be very adept at applying your own makeup for a variety of situations. The problem you might have doing your own wedding makeup is the need for it to serve a dual purpose. You need to look great in person and in pictures. You might be wise letting a professional makeup artist help you for this special event.


Will The Makeup Artist Come To You?

Weddings are usually very busy. Now some makeup artists work only in their own salons. Consider working in a trip to a studio if the location is convenient. However, make sure the makeup artist can attend to you promptly.

If possible find a professional who do house calls. That way, the makeup artist can also be present when you are fully dressed. This helps ensure the makeup looks good with your gown. Also, they will have the chance to see what lighting will be used during the celebration. The shade of your gown and the strength of the lighting will greatly affect your appearance.

Check Out Your Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

It will be helpful if the makeup artist has a portfolio of some of her past work. That way you can see if she has any samples of brides who have the look you want to achieve. It can also be a source of makeup ideas if you are not really sure what you want.

Make sure some of the portfolio pictures include women with similar body type and skin tone as you. For example, many professionals have a lot of experience with fair-skinned women. They may not, however, be experts at polishing up olive or browned skinned women.

Get A Trial Makeup Job Done

Many makeup artists offer free or inexpensive trial to be sure you like their style. You might spend a day scheduling visits to different salons in your neighborhood. It might also be fun bringing along a friend or two with you to get their opinions. After all, it may be hard for you to be really objective about your own face. What you see in the mirror may look different from what other people see.

Know What Style Of Wedding Makeup You Want

You might also prepare yourself by collecting magazine clippings that appeal to you. You can find lots of samples in bridal and fashion magazines. Look for photos of women with similar features and skin tone as you. Again, some of your friends might want to help keep an eye out for good wedding makeup samples too.

Your Makeup On Your Special Day

Be open to your makeup artist’s suggestions. After all, an experienced professional would have worked with hundreds of women to know what’s best.

On the other hand, be clear about what you want. You might prefer the natural look, but your makeup artist might want to pile on the glitter and shimmer. While most brides wear a lot of makeup than usual on their wedding, it is also a good idea to select a style that’s comfortable and appealing for you.

In the end, you want your wedding makeup artist to come with plenty of experience and good judgment. However, she should also be willing to listen to your suggestions.

Take care and look beautiful on your wedding day!

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