Hair Mistakes To Avoid Before Your Wedding

You are getting married TODAY! Isn”t this the happiest day of your life? You will soon be the centre of attention, and everybody including your friends and relatives will be present to celebrate this happy day. In all likelihood you have arranged for a photography session to keep the special memories from this day with you forever! No wonder, you want to appear your best! One of the important things to consider is your hairstyle. After all, you do not want to wear the most gorgeous dress ever, splendid bridal make up, glittering jewellery, only to top it all with an uninspiring hairstyle!

Beauty experts believe that any would-be-bride should consult a competent hair stylist before and during the BIG day to ensure that not a single strand of hair is out of place. Caring for the hair can begin many months before the wedding date to ensure that nothing goes wrong to spoil your special moment. Below, we have listed some common hair mistakes to avoid before your wedding!

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Don’t Forget Hair Accessories/Veil

Before your trial, don’t forget to think about your hair accessories and veil. It’s a great idea to bring these along to your trial so you can try them with your hairstyle. However, Harpièr do offer hair combs and accessories that you could try if you haven’t found anything you like as yet!

A Big No-No with Hair Colouring or Cutting Experiments

The lead up to the wedding day is certainly no time to start doing something drastic to your existing hairstyle. Stay away from experimenting with different hair colours or cuts as well, because they can go wrong!

Don’t limit yourself to one Style

Having trouble deciding on one style? Well don’t limit yourself, ask your hair stylist for an extended trial to give you hairstyle options, and then choose the best one!

Going Unprepared To The Stylist

Leaving the decision of your hairstyle to your hairstylist is not always the best thing to do. Although your stylist can give you suggestions and ideas about the best thing for you and your dress, but it is important to do your homework too. You know yourself best and everyone has personal preferences towards different things. Bringing pictures along is the best way to convey to your stylist the types of things you like and even don’t like. This way you can ensure you are both on the same page.

Put the Dress First

If you are considering your wedding day hairstyle independent of your wedding dress, you”re making a BIG mistake! They should perfectly complement each other. Always, the dress comes first and then your hairstyle!

Cropped Hair Only?

Why should you stick with your existing hair length for your hairstyle when extensions can give you your dream appearance? Harpièr offer clip in and permanent extensions. Consult your stylist to understand your options.

Don’t Forget the Groom

Are you forgetting all about the man you are marrying in your haste to get the perfect style? This can be a big mistake! Ensure that your man also gets a dashing haircut before the wedding day to appear his best by your side!

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