Choosing the Perfect Bridal Hairstyle for Your Wedding

As you are planning your wedding, you’ll realize there are so many things you need to take into account. You will need to put together your guest list, pick out your wedding dress, gather the information for venues, hire the entertainment, think about food menu and the list goes on and on.


Because everything needs to be planned out so far in advance, you will have some time to think about the type of bridal hair that you will want to go along with your wedding attire.

It goes without saying that you want to make sure that you look your best since you and your partner are going to be the focal point on that day. Picking out the best hairstyle and all of the accessories will be an exciting time for sure.

A lot of brides are worried about the style that they choose for their wedding day because the hairstyle can change the way they look. Your hairstyle plays a key role in the overall look and appearance that you have with your wedding dress, and it will show in all of your photographs.

When you have certain style tips that you can use and the ability to pick out the right accessories, you are going to have a perfect look that goes along with the shape of your face. The right style will actually work to compliment the bridal gown, veil, colour scheme, purse, shoes and everything else that you have in play for your attire.

Personal Style

There is something to be said about being able to put your personal style into your bridal hair. After all, you have already worked to pick out the perfect gown that should reflect who you are as a person.

From fun and flirty to classic and elegant, there are a lot of different wedding dress styles out there to suit just about every type of bride.

If you are the laidback type, you can think about letting it show in your bridal hair by going with loose flowing locks.

If you like a flashier look, go with a chic style. Think of a complicated updo along with a tiara and hair pins to complete the style.

Try Different Styles

Smart brides will take all sorts of clippings from magazines and save off pictures from the Internet of bridal hair designs that they truly love.

Depending on your skill level, you can work on some of these styles yourself at home to see if they are going to be a good fit for the shape of your face or even the way that your wedding dress sits on your upper body. If you have a hair stylist that you are already familiar with, you can go to them to see about having some practice styles done in the salon.

Take pictures and note the styles that you really like. You can bring them back with you on the big day when you are having them style your hair once again.


The more you shop around, the more options you’ll find when it comes to accessories to go with your bridal hairstyle. There is an endless selection of veils, tiaras, headbands, clips, pins, hats and more that you can wear in your hair for the special day.

Some brides will go for a veil during the ceremony and then only wear a tiara during the reception. Other brides will go for a simpler look and only use a clip or two decorated with pearls or gemstones for a laidback look.

No matter what, it is how you look and feel about your hair when it comes to your wedding that truly matters.

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