All About The Best Wedding Makeup

The best wedding makeup tip that anybody ever gave out was to try to have your makeup done to look like yourself – only better! The point is that you should be true to yourself.

If you are not somebody who usually wears a lot of makeup, you probably want to wear some on your wedding day. After all, it is a very special event, and you also need to show your best features for pictures and videos.


The Best Wedding Makeup Tips For New Brides

If you decide to get your hair styled for the big day, you might want to find a stylist who also does makeup. This means that you can reduce two errands to one on what will prove to be a very eventful day. Go one better and have a mobile stylist come to you! This will save getting stuck in traffic or ruining your hair & makeup, racing around and getting in and out of the car.

You should certainly find a makeup artist who knows her business, so you can trust her to make you look nice. You’d also want a professional who will listen to you, so you can still arrive at the big event looking true to yourself.

If you would rather not use a professional, you might find a friend who is pretty skilled with a makeup brush. It will probably be a lot of fun to have your makeup session become a group effort.

In fact, you might invite all of your bridesmaids and have a sort of pre-wedding makeup party. All the bridesmaids can help each other apply makeup as you change into your formal gowns or dresses.

If you are going to have a friend or do your own makeup , you might want to schedule a practice run well in advance. This will give you a chance to perfect the right style and be sure you have all of the supplies you need for your wedding day. Then make up a kit out of makeup and supplies. You might even ask one of the bridesmaids to be in charge of this kit, and then this will be one less thing you need to worry about bringing to your actual wedding.

The Most Important Part Of Wedding Makeup

Of course, the most critical thing is to match your skin tone. Lots of women choose a shade that is too light or too dark, and then it looks unnatural or even blotchy. You might visit a good beauty supply store to get professional advice. This is good information to have on your wedding day and in the future!

Remember that skin tones change during the year. Your summer tan will make your face look different than it does in early spring. The bottle of good foundation that worked so well in December might not be right for a June bride.

Be sure to accept the fact that you might want to purchase new foundation and base just for your wedding.

Either Play Up Your Lips Or Eyes

One basic makeup secret is that you will enjoy the best success if you choose either your mouth or eyes to concentrate on.

If you try to accent both of these features, you risk looking over made-up, or you might even look like a clown.

If you choose to highlight your lips with a very rich color, use a more subtle color on your eyes. If your eyes are your best feature, go easy on your lips.


In any case, try using an eyelash curler even if you generally don”t bother to use one. Curling eyelashes makes them look a lot fuller and more beautiful. You can purchase an inexpensive one in any makeup department. Some people like to warm the curler up for a few seconds with a blow dryer. Just make sure it”s not too hot. The heat helps style your eyelash hair like any other hair.

Some ladies like to use false eyelashes for special events. If you have never applied them by yourself, get help. If you have never worn them before, you might want to try a set in advance to be sure you find them comfortable.

Some people are sensitive to the false eyelashes or chemicals, and you do not want to spend your wedding day with red and irritated eyes.

If you use them all of the time, go for it. They are not hard to put on if you have had some practice, but your wedding day is not the time to risk learning this new skill.

If you decide to use mascara, be sure and choose the waterproof kind.

Wedding days are famous days for laughter and tears, and nobody likes a bride with mascara running down her beautifully made up cheeks!


You should makeup sure you have at the very least, a lipstick & powder to touch up with throughout the day. You might keep the lipstick or gloss to reapply a couple of times. Be sure to blot any oil/shine on your face before reapplying your powder. One of your bridesmaids might be happy to keep track of your touch up supplies, and you can arrange to slip away to the restroom a couple of times during the reception.

Have Fun And Be Yourself

The best wedding day makeup tip is to be yourself and have fun with your style and colors. If you feel good on the outside, you will certainly feel good on the inside and this will shine through on the day and in your photos!

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