4 Airbrush Makeup Myths – Busted!

Airbrush makeup is quickly gaining popularity in the market, with professional makeup artists leading the way to make that happen.

It is no secret that professional makeup artists prefer to use airbrush makeup over a traditional ones. They say that airbrush makeup is more precise, able to be finely sprayed and blends well into the skin.

Although the market for airbrush makeup is quickly picking up;however,several misconceptions about them still prevail.

Let’s uncover some of the myths surrounding airbrush makeup.

Airbrush makeup is heavier on the skin

Some people say that airbrush makeup feels heavier on the skin than traditional makeup.Well, the truth is, airbrush makeup actually feels much lighter than traditional makeup.

The best way to use it is by spraying a thin layer of makeup on the surface of your skin.

The point to note is that airbrush makeup settles down slowly as you continue to apply subsequent layers on your skin.

So, the idea that airbrush makeup is heavy on the skin is just a myth, unless your makeup guy is heavily attuned to applying multiple layers to give it a heavy look.

Airbrush makeup easily chips or melts off

This is one of the weirdest myths about airbrush makeup. Melting or chipping off of makeup is either due to poor quality foundation or poor application skills.

The skin has to be prepared well before applying any makeup on it.

The basic prepping of skin involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The moisturizers are usually apart of the foundation these days.

Moreover, the makeup once done needs to be set well for it to stay longer. If these two basic steps of prepping and setting are not done well, then any makeup will surely chip off – regardless of whether it was applied by hand or with an airbrush.

Airbrush makeup is so expensive

Well, the ease and speed with which airbrush makeup can be applied more than justifies its cost.

The cleansers, compressors and guns may be a little expensive. However, the superb results of airbrush makeup easily justify the cost involved.

Celebrities have been using airbrush makeup regularly for a long time now. Even high definition artists have started using airbrush makeup as well.

Unlike traditional makeup where a pad or a finger touching the skin might leave a smudge, airbrush makeup evenly distributes makeup over the face.

Airbrush makeup is better

Honestly speaking, both airbrush and traditional makeups are at par with each other. Choosing one or the other is a matter of personal preference. A lot it depends on what the makeup professional considers convenient.

Despite the fact that airbrush makeup is picking up really well, there are still a number of high class celebrities who prefer traditional over airbrush makeup as it gives them what they are looking for.

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